Taquete rug

Hi All....since this is the Taquete forum, I'll just toot my own horn a little and let you all know that I have a Taquete rug featured in the current (Sept/Oct 2009) issue of Handwoven magazine.  Talk about an EASY Taquete project....this one is a simple project that someone just learning about Taquete might like to try....it could be scaled down and done as placemats or a smaller rug for bath or whatever....different materials would still show the pattern and perhaps be easier to work with than an 18 pound rug!  LOL! 

Su :-)



kewl, Su...I'll be looking for it.

I took the stole sample to the annual "Alabama Martyrs" event today (we acknowledge those who last their lives in the Civil Rights struggle) and the organisers liked the idea.  One of the clergy involved has agreed to work with me on making sure everything we use is relevant and liturgically sound.

HOT HOT HOT, though, and most of it takes place outdoors!  August in Alabama...man, this shows DEvotion

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