Hello again! I have been revisiting complex weaving. I know taquete is one if the oldest complex weaves.if I'm not mistaken, it was originally woven on a drawloom. My question to you, the experts, is this: if you have a drawloom, do you simply move the pattern threads to the pattern shafts and simoly use two ground shafts? I hope my question makes sense, Erica


Joanne Hall

Hi Erica,

If you write to me at

[email protected]

I can send you some pages from VAV magazine which show taquete woven on a drawloom.


Erica J

I'm assuming since taquete is woven with the each warp thread going only through one harness, you use the normal texsolv heddles on the bindiging shafts. Does anyone know if this correct?


Sara von Tresckow

On the drawloom, generally, binding threads are only put through the long eye heddles, and pattern ends go through both long eye and pattern heddle.

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