I need to sing the praises of "Grid n WeaveIt" from Canyon Art!  I made myself sit down and LEARN it this weekend and it is just a revelation in terms of drafting Taqueté structure.  I am going to try some of the other goodies this week.  It will also generate Sumitum designs and tapestry cartoons.

One of the nicest things about the new Macs is getting "two computers for the price of one" since you can load Windows on the new ones (with the Intel chips) and use all that great software.

Nothing beats learning to draft the designs from scratch, of course, since you gain an understanding of the structure, but software can save a lot of time in eliminating the "busy work" parts of it all.

Gotta say also that Sally Breckenridge is just great...supportive and patient. 

The odd thing, though, is that, when I open the .wifs done in the Windows programmes is that they are upside big deal, but odd.  I am looking into some way to fix that.  I think it will just take some fiddling with the "start" on the drafts.  Any suggstions welcome.


Nancy C.

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