Slide show in Word Press

I have been using Iweb for my blog which is here

Apple is going to the cloud and appears to no longer supporting Iweb.  Groan, this means I need to jump to a new blog format.  I've created a Wordpress blog but have had trouble finding a template that allows me to do a slide show.  I usually put a photo on my main blog page (as I do above) and link to a slide show which demonstrates the process.  So far on this template I am limited to one photo, I can't break the code for figuring out how to add a slide show.  Here's my current experimental blog on Word Press

Any suggesion on which template to use.  It's suprisingly confusing to look thru WordPress resources and I am hoping some of you will be familar with a template.  I do not know html, it's not on my lifeplan so I'd like to stick with a template.

I'm willing to consider other blog sites but I need one that I can just write, post words, upload photos and go.  I don't live to program html or websites.  I'd rather weave or be at the dyepot.

Thanks for any brain biscuits.  Deb Mc



I am not sure that I fully understood, what you mean. My blog is on wordpress as well and by now, I used the offered slideshow-funtion twice: and

Using this kind of slideshow is not a question of the template you use, but of the way how you insert your pics in the article.

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