Hello Taquete Experts!

I am working on my weft faced samples for my portfolio. I seem to remember reading that for tapestry the easiest way to estimate sett is to wrap both yarns, next to each other, around a ruler for 1". Just like you would do to determine wraps per inch, but with both warp and weft yarns alternating. I am wondering if this is a general rule for all weft faced weaves. I can not find anything about determining sett in my tabby to taquete book.

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tommye scanlin

This is suggested by Archie Brennan--when determining a "classic" warp sett for weft-faced tapestry, wrap the warp around 1 cm (not inch), placing the warp wrap closely together but not overlapping. Use that wrap count as ends per inch (not cm). From that point, you can choose to open the sett more or make it tighter, depending on weft size or size of wefts in a bundle. For tapestry this works beautifully. So it might be a starting point for you.

Here's Archie's article from the American Tapestry Alliance website at which he discusses this:  http://americantapestryalliance.org/education/educational-articles/the-space-between-the-warps/



Yes, that would work. So would this and it takes into acct the various size of Warp and weft you'd be using in a piece.( sorry doesn't seem I can do a link from my I pad?) peggyosterkamp.com/peggys-weaving-tips-sett-weaving-balanced-warpfac...
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