Hi all, I've been thinking about a rya project.  I raise Icelandic sheep and am wondering if I could use locks in a rya rug.  Ive seen the knots used, but was wondering the best way to keep the lock structure intact.  


danteen (not verified)

I have used a fleece, not Icelandic, with a staple length of about 5-6 inches and just laid a lock around every two warps.  These were then held in place with several rows of tightly packed plain weave.  I'm using the resultant fabric for a loom bench cushion.  Sheds somewhat, but I brush it once in a while.  You'll have to test the thickness of lock  need to use for the effect you want.

I have also done rya rugs with yarn, but those were knotted.  If you really want a secure structure as for a rug, I would knot the locks just as you would knot yarns.   

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