Hi. I'm working on a piece from Lucienne Coifman's Rep Rips Reps book. The threading draft says to thread A to B to C(the center), then B back to A. The last part of B is blue thread on harness 6, yellow thread on Harness 5. The last part of C is blue thread on harness 8,  yellow thread on harness 7. That puts 2 yellow threads together when I reverse the threading, 1 on H7 and 1 on H5. On some of the treadlings, those 2 yellow threads are right together, causing a yellow stripe that is not on the other side. I hope you can follow what I'm describing. How could I have avoided this? I don't see this stripe in the picture in the book. I'm baffled!



This is something you have to watch for when treading rep.  Change the order of threading.  Put the same colors in the same shafts, but reverse the order that you thread the colors to avoid having two threads of the same color adjacent.  The pattern should have pointed this out.


OK! I didn't know if reversing the order would change the pattern. Unfortunately I didn't realize the problem until after I started weaving. Good to know. Thank you so much!

sally orgren

I have the book and am working on one of the patterns also.

I noticed something that was confusing at the time I was threading.

Let me know the page # and I'll check.

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