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So what do your 15 rugs look like?  Are they tightly woven and dense or loose and flimsy?  Not enough tension and not beating hard enough gives loose rugs.  What are you making the headers out of?  When you say you have doubled the warp to 6 dpi, are you saying that you have sleyed every other dent to give you 6 epi?  How you sley the warp doesn't change the dents/inch of the Reed.  Doubling the warp threads means using two threads as one, which would give you 24 epi.


Are you using a temple?  And do you angle your weft?  For the hem, you need to angle it more than you do the rug weft.



Hi Julie,

Is it possible for you to post some snaps?  It would help to see your actual structure.  And...same question as Joanne's: Are you using a temple/stretcher?  That's really helpful when weaving rugs.


<p>I have a 45” JL Hammet loom and have woven about 15 rugs. &nbsp;Having fun but every rug I have woven has a curved end. &nbsp;Also any tips on starting the headers so they dont draw in. &nbsp;I have woven with jeans, cotton and fleece. &nbsp;How about tension? &nbsp;I understand it has to be really really tight, is this correct? &nbsp;my Reed is 12dpi and I have doubled my warp so it is 6 dpi. &nbsp;Thanks so much for any help.</p><p>julie</p>

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