need help with baby poncho


as it seems usual, I am new to Weavolution and this group and need help right away. I planned to give a mummy-to-be a baby poncho for her newest member of the family (due sometime during february, but who knows). Wove the cloth (superwash merino, handspun and correlating sock yarn) and it really looks nice. I'm sure the mummy will love the colors, since they are definitely her colours.

Now my question. The warp was too short. I have only 86 cm left (that's about 33") and it's 30 cm (about 11") wide. I had planned one of those classic ponchos, where you half them and then sew the rectangles in a new angle together to get a kind of square, but that calls for a ratio of 1:2 and I only have a ratio of 1:1.5, it will never become a square.

Now I thought, half it anyways and sew the two halves together so that the long side will be bottom and the opposite long side will be the shoulder seam.

Does anyone of you know if a rectangle of about 30 cm x 40 cm (11 x 15") will be enough for a baby as a poncho?

TIA and best wishes




Sounds cute :)

Maybe you could take fabric or towels that are the same dimensions and pin them together to get an idea of what the size would look like...before making the final -no turning back!-cut.


that's a good idea, thank you. Usually, I'm more of a non-planning tending to the chaotic side of sewing person ;o)




here it is now, finished. Woven, sewn, washed and blocked. I would change a bit, if it'd do it again, but I'm happy with it as it is. Hope the mum will like it, too.


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