neck pattern & cloth width for stole

Do any of you have recommendations for how to make the neck part of a stole?  I've seen 2 strips sewn together on the diagnoal as well as a more curved one.  What do you guys use more often?  Do you normally weave fabric wide enough for both sides of the stole at once (side by side) or weave one long length that will be cut in half?



 I was noticing our pastor's stole this morning. It was about 8" to 10" wide and was pleated at the shoulder. It looked like one long piece with just the pleating to draw it in at the neck. The pleats seemed to go all the way around his neckline.


Hmmmm.  I never thought of using pleats to make the curve around the neck.  That sounds interesting.  Of course I'm wanting to have as little fabric waste as possible and this sounds like it would help accomplish that.  Thanks!


To me if it pleastd round the neck it is called a scarf. A stole as such is smooth and usually has a cross embroidered at the nape.

I personaly like strait stole tapering to about two and a half to three inches at nape.

The angled stoles often need a short chain to hold off from neck to lie flat.

Keyhole necks take a lot of carefull planning and cutting.

I weave side by side as then any inlay etc is exactly same length as in same shed.


 I have always used the angled stole made both sides at the same time. One clergywoman said she always removed the chain because it was annoying. How the stole lays depends on the physic of the wearer. A buxom woman can make you rethink how it hangs.


I'm not very knowledgeable about stole design.  Can you tell me more about angled vs. keyhole?  The only pattern I've been able to find on the internet is available here:  Any opinions on whether this is a good pattern for a first attempt at a stole?  I won't be doing the sewing, only the weaving, but offered to find a pattern.  I have found two ladies at church to help:  one will embroider and one will sew.


 I make the stole in one piece that is twice as wide as the fabric needed for the stole. I weave it a little longer than the length of one side of the finished stole. I then stabilize a strip down the center of the fabric and then cut the fabric in half lengthwise.I join the two pieces at right angles at the back of the neck. I then check to see if the stole will lie flat, adjusting the angle if needed. Care must be taken if there is a pattern to the fabric. I usually make a cross at the center back of the neck either in embroidery, tatting, crochet, etc. The cross is centered on the back seam. I use a stabilizer the finished width of the stole before sewing. The fabric can either be wrapped completely around and seamed or just folded back a seam allowance and a lining attached. 

If you like I can send pictures of the procedure. It is also in the Ecclesiastical Weavers newsletter Complex Weavers, Spring 2009. Contact me off line.

Nancy Green

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Just posted some pics of my stoles on Ravelry in my projects. tried importing from flikr but I can't get it right at the moment.

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