Muslins for the wedding dress

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share photos of the muslins for the wedding-dress and coat:

I think the coat might have too much flare, and the dress still needs considerable modification, but the basic ideas are there.  (Ignore the fact that the coat has blue body and white sleeves; I ran out of blue fabric before I finished the coat!)  I'm very, very pleased with the coat - it looks elegant, flowing, and it makes me look taller, all of which I like!

Next step will be to finish refining the dress muslin, and then start sewing the dress.  Probably not until the beginning of next year, as I'm traveling Dec 24 - Jan 2!

Any interesting projects from other people?  Are you sewing your handwovens for the holidays?





 Great lines, Tien.  this is going to be gorgeous.  I put inkle bands and backstrap woven bands on bags for Christmas presents.  The bags were made of old flour sacks, very sturdy like canvas.

I gave some of my handwoven fabric to my niece who has been turning it into clothing and home accessories.  She sells as an indi designer.  I'm tickled that she is using my fabric.  Soon we will be doing actual collaborations, and I will have to figure the cost of my fabrics.  She is putting pretty hefty price tags on these items, and selling.  She has upped the price on the items with my fabric, as should be.  

I have been spinning wool/alpaca boucle that looks like teddy bear hair, maybe.  I was thinking of weaving a piece with the boucle coming down the shoulders in a American western style shirt, two points in the front and one in the back.  I would just weave the pattern on the loom, using that locking method where you use two shuttles and cross the weft in the shed.  Now what is that called?

Pretty fun letting her design stuff with my fabric.  She is designing for some of those young ladies with lots of money, time to work out...  They are very slender and buffed up.  I went to one of her shows, and was amazed at all the ladies being in such great shape.  And all the guys were "new age sensitive" types.  I'm out of touch living out here on the farm!

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