A few months ago I was given a 4 harness, 6 treadle, folding Bergman loom.  When I got it home I knew two things; it was free and it was missing the jack box. I knew what free meant but had no idea what the jack box was, this is a countermarche loom and I had never even seen one before!

Anyway, I have torn the loom completely apart and cleaned and refinished it. I actually left all of the ‘beauty marks’ (dents, chips, stains, etc) as I believe they are a testament to this looms life and history. But now I need to replace the jack box so that I can start to tie the loom back up. So here’s the favor…

If you have a Bergman loom could you please take some pictures of the jack box from various angles and with as much detail showing as possible (descriptions would also be appreciated!) so that I can accurately re-create the missing part(s)?

And if you happen to have a model 5A36, which is what i have, that would be incredible!

I will post before & after pics to this group when i complete the project. I am so close!

Thanks everybody!

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