I'm glad I found you

I joined Weavolution on day one, but then I got busy and forgot about it until someone reminded me at my guild meeting yesterday.  When I came back, here you are!

I completed my first project in ecclesiastical weaving a couple of months ago.  It was a set of stoles for my former pastor.  It was a wonderful experience, if a bit rushed - I only had six weeks to complete the set.

I'd like to do more stoles some time; and kneeler cushions for our chapel; and card woven guitar straps for our praise band; and ... (too bad I have to work for a living :-)

I have wrote quite a bit about the project on my blog: http://starcrossdesigns.blogspot.com (you have to go back to May and June to see them)





 Beautiful.  I especially like the Ordinary Time one.  

I've been working one a stole using that same exact draft but cut it off the loom because I didn't like it.  But yours is much nicer.  I was using only one color.  I think the different colors of green really highlight the pattern.



Yes, any shadow weave pattern, such as the Gothic Cross, relies on a combination of  light and dark threads to define the design.  The light green was a bit more yellow than I wanted, but the result was striking.  I hope to weave a set of kneeler pillows for our chapel in this pattern, using red and blue, which are the dominant colors in the stained glass window above the altar.



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