Hello!  I just purchased this loom with the intention of bringing it back to life and using it.  I thought it was a Leclerc Mira or M Series, but after looking at it a little more closely, it doesn't thave any manufacturer marks or symbols and I'm now unsure of what I have.  Anyone recognize it?  Information appreciated.  I can provide additional info or photos, if needed.  Thanks!




Knowing who made it is kind of interesting, but not something you need to use it.  Most loom "manuals" only tell you how to put it together.  Your photo didn't load.  

Your loom appears to be a home made item.  You seem to have a 4 shaft counterbalance loom with six treadles.  I see sticks which look like shaft bars and other sticks that look like lamms.  A beginning weaving book can help with putting it together and tying it up.  The Glymakra website also has a lot of information on types of looms and how they work.

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