Hello everyone, I was recently gifted this vintage Glimakra Ideal 70cm Counterbalance Loom. Im looking to restore it to its 4S/6T design. I was able to find most of the parts for this size, however as I am in Spain, finding them in Europe has been a little tough (it seems most of the replacement parts are made for the 100cm size). Can anyone confirm if the following lamms in size 70cm will work for a counterbalance set up? in the photos I removed the lamm rods, but they are located on the left hand side if you are facing the loom (https://woolery.com/glimakra-horizontal-countermarch-lower-lamm.html) Also, does anyone know what size the heddles should be (in mm) for this type of counterbalance set up?Thank you,also if there are any weavers in Spain or France I would love to connect. Victoria



If the lamms fit in the loom frame and the holes line up with the treadles, they will work.  If they fit, but the holes don't line up, you can drill new holes or may be able to tie the treadle cords around the lamms.  Usually, 10" heddles are used. If you go to a supplier site that sells Texsolv, you may find heddles that are listed as the right size for this loom.

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