Getting rid of rust

I've got a loom that's on semi-permanent loan from a fellow teacher. The loom had not been used since the early 80's, when weaving was still taught in art classes! So when I received it the loom needed a bit of TLC.

However, I was over eager to use the loom, I cleaned it up and just replaced the reed. I played wih the metal heddles to see if he rust of the metal bit at the top of bottom of each shaft would effect their movement. In large groups it does not. However after having just finished threading the 600+ threads, I've discovered this rust does need to be removed somehow! I'm wondering is there something I can use to remove this rust after I finish this project? I would prefer something chemical or a way that would no require completely dismantling each shaft. As always any wisdom will be dearly appreciated!





When I got my first loom, the heddles were dirty and rusty.  I soaked them in a vinegar/water solution.  After rinsing, I put them on a towel on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at low temp for an hour or so to get them really dry.  I don't know of any way to remove the rust without taking the heddles off the shafts though.  If you do take them off, be sure to run a cord through the holes so it will be easier to get them back on.



I really appreciate your suggestion and help!

The problem is it's not the heddle that are rusty, it's the metal bar that holds them in the harness. I don't see any way of removing this bar as it goes directly into the wood of the harness. I'll try to post  a close up picture so folks can see what I'm talking about and see what my actual dilema is. As far as I can tell I can't soak these bits without soaking the wood as well, which would cause more damage than the actual rust on the heddle bars. Thanks for the tip, hopefully between several of us we can figure this one out!


Can you get sand paper up to the metal bar? This is where  emery boards come into their own for getting into awkward places. And those little multi-tools like the Dremel.

There are Kill-Rust liquids you can paint on, but the last time I used one of these it had a nasty smell of dead fish, yuck! That was a long time ago so they may have improved.


Oh now that is an idea! I can definitely get some emeryboards up in there! I'll have to look into the kill rust stuff too! Thanks for sharing yoru brilliance! :)

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