I was blessed in April to take a class with Tom Knisely at Red Stone Glen. What a fabulous teacher! A total beginner, I got a loom, warping board, and 8/2 cotton. I planned carefully and came up with 272 ends; of course as my friend pointed out I never start out easy or small. Wound the blue warp, chained it, took it to the loom for front to back warping. The reed was sleyed 2 per dent, easy. Next, flip the chain and thread those heddles. A simple 1,2,3,4 would work. I began threading from the right (now mind you, I have health issues so this whole process thus far has taken 2 weeks). After threading 60 heddles the brain engaged and thought, " The extra heddles will be in the middle that can't be right". Unthreaded. Counted out the heddles needed and began again. After 10 days, all 272 were threaded and not crossed. I was so smug. Next up, wind on. NOT. There wasn't enough warp to wind on, huh? Turns out 5 feet is not the same as 5 yards! Trashed it all. I learned a lot from this experience and look forward to starting again.



You could've tied your 5 yd warp onto your 5' warp and wound on. You'd just have to stop at the knots. But that's how we learn. Frustrating, yes for all that wasted yarn. Been there with rug warp.

Buster (not verified)

I hadn't thought of that at the time, but will remember if I ever do it again (hope not).

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