Don't worry... be happy... cut it!

I just completed a short kimono jacket (haori) for my friend Peter.  I've written about it in my project page... and in my blog.  It was such fun seeing it all come together the way I'd planned.

Please don't worry about cutting into your woven fabric --- it's fabric -- it's okay to cut it.  In a sett such as this one - 10epi - it works best to reinforce the edges before you cut.  I've included a photo of the multi-stitch zigzag I use -- but you can also use a tight straight stitch.  It takes some time, but time well spent!

You really limit the possibilities of what you can do with your handwoven fabric if you don't try making items that you need to cut.  Don't be afraid.  Take a deep breath and JUST DO IT!  You will feel great about what you will be able create once you overcome your fear of cutting!

:-) Suzy



Hello Suzy, I can confirm this. I have suffered so much when I cut into the fabric for a blouse to sew ( it`s to see at the projects). Especially for the collar, because there was a lot of waste. But I was rewarded with a beautiful garment. I like your kimono jacket very much. You have managed it very well. I especially like the woven edge!



Thanks so much Kristina.  The front band was from the handwoven fabric lined with commercial fabric.  The edges were done in a single- crochet stitch (kind of like a blanket stitch.)



hi, just joined this group.

after a couple of bombed out projects i finally finished some yardage and made a top with it.

i must confess my hand shook when i started cutting, but after cutting the back, placed on the fold therefore less cutting

it all went ok and the top came out very well. the sewing was not complicated as the fabric behaved.

looking forward to  weaving some more yardage . and sewing it.



Congratulations Neki!  The first time is the hardest!  I promise that it will get easier.  Can we see some photos of your finished top?

;-)  Suzy

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