We just finished Lillian's Taquete class this morning.  It was a blast! I can't believe how much I learned.  As I can't sit long enough to warp a loom right now, all my weaving was "virtual" using WeavePoint.

Here are some samples:


The funny looking picks in the cat tail are for treadled pick up - something else I learned.

And here are some more:

I've told Lillian that I'll take whatever she offers.  I know this sounds partisan, but this was a great way to take a class.  It's also a great way to meet other weavers.  I'm addicted!

For anyone interested, Lillian is teaching this class again in March.  We covered Summer and Winter in its various treadling forms, Tachete, profile drafts, color mixing, and designing.  Lillian also touched on Samitum and showed us many of her weavings.

Now for the time to weave these up and to start designing my own patterns. 




I took the first hour of the 4 hour Taquete' class last Saturday.  What a great class!!  I can't wait for the next one.  Lillian is a wonderful teacher. I will post photos of my samples after this Saturday's class.

Sharon Carey

Alison (not verified)

Isn't she?  She taught the techniques so well, that I gained lots of insight into these and drafting in general.  Even if I were never to weave taquete (and I am looking forward to doing so) I would be a better weaver for taking her class.


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