Loom number 5C251 is the 25" Eastern Maple non-folding, medium weight, natural finish model. 4-Harness, 6 Treadles, contra-marche.

This is from Bergman's 9-1-67 price list.


sarahnopp (not verified)

I love this little loom. I just got done pulling the castle off and all the other dismantle-able bit and gave it a good cleaning and a light taste of oil. Poor thirsty thing. Tomorrow I will pick up some Texsolv cord to swap out the old (original) tie up cords and what not. I may look at some heddles too... but the original string heddles are still strong.

I can't wait to see how she shines tomorrow morning :) 

sarahnopp (not verified)

By the way, I attended a lecture by Bergman loom historian Theresa Trebon, and her interviews with the builder of the looms indicates that he sometimes used the serial numbers, and then would stop using them and sometimes tracked their use on index cards. But she could not find a system or index.

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