Hello chenille weavers!  I want to apologize.....for several years I have not had access to this group.  For a while I could not even log into Weavolution.  As of today I once again have privliges and I initlally want to apologize to those who sought my help and got nothing in return!  I was simply unable to provide a response.   I'd love to get this group up and running actively again, and hope that you all will forgive my absense and continue on the journey to weave soft, sumptuous items in rayon chenille!  It's good to be back!!



Nice to hear from you, Su.  I'm certainly glad you made the effort to come back.  It's not what it used to be, but it's still a very valuable resource.

Su Butler

Thanks!  Sure would like to make this resource available to weaver's again, but I do understand it must have been pretty frustrating to ask and receive no reply!  I am so sorry about that!  But we are BACK and running!


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