Anyone else still doing Taquete?

I know I'm late to the party, but I have dedicated one of my table looms to taquete for the foreseeable future. I'm wondering who else here is still working on taquete.



I made some turned taquete towels in October & November, and just finished 2 turned taquete shawls. 

You can see the towels on my blog here; I'll be posting the shawls within the next few days.


I sometimes do taquete, but the projects are on and off the loom quickly.  My taquete projects tend to be rugs, and although I can also use the same warps and threading (just change the tie-up) for krokbragd, I tend not to have too many of those projects ready to go at any one time.  That is, the weft must be spun or acquired, and the project designed.

The fact that I do tend to do rugs or throws when I do taquete also means that I need to plan where they will go (to a relative or friend or sold) and that they are relatively costly in terms of materials and time.

I might do more taquete if I did placemats or table runners, I suppose . . . or cushion covers . . . or bags . . .

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