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The calculator is divided into three sections - Warp calculation, Weft Calculation, and Material costs. It is required to use these three sections in order, but it is not required to complete all three sections. For example, it is possible to use only the Warp calculation, or the Warp and the Weft calculations, but is not possible to use only the Weft calculations.



 After completing each section, be sure to select the appropriate calculate button for the section to actually perform the calculations. Results will be shown in the text area underneath the button. If after completing a section(s), you would like to change some values, make sure you have selected the appropriate calculate button(s) - in order.


Calculate Weft

Calculate Cost



At all times, when using the calculator, make sure that all fields in a section have entered data, even if you have to enter a zero. If any data is changed after the calculate button has been pressed, make sure that the button has been pressed again to recalculate using the new data. Make sure that when the calculate buttons are pressed that they are pressed in order, from top to bottom - otherwise, any changed data may not flow into the subsequent sections.