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Adding a Project

How to Add a Project 

 After signing in, go to My Projects and click on orange button on the left that says: 

 Once on the project page, add a Title for your project.  Please do not use any symbols such as & or % in the Title of the project.

The only fields that MUST be completed for a project are the TITLE, NUMBER OF SHAFTS and TREADLES.

Project Image

Add project photos directly from your computer by clicking on Choose file.  The file uploader looks like this:

After choosing a file, click on Upload.  To add additional photos, click on 

Remember to click Upload after each file is chosen and wait for the photo to upload.


 When you enter a name of a draft, the field will attempt to auto fill with information already available in the database.  In this example, I typed in plain weave

 and was given the choice of several Drafts in the database.  If there is no draft in the database that matches your entry, remove the name you typed in that field and click on the word Draft in the “Add a draft” statement under the box for Draft name.  When you click on Draft, you will be taken to a separate window where you can fill in all the details about the draft including draft name, source, number of shafts and treadles, a photo and a wif file of the draft if you have one.  You may write a description and any notes you want to include.  Once you click on Save, you will return to the Add a project page.


Once you begin to fill in the first yarn used, the auto fill feature will give you a choice of yarns already in the database that have similarities to what you have typed in the field.  I was adding 2/8 wool and got the following:

Since 2/8 wool is not there, I deleted what I had entered in the yarn field and clicked on the word Yarn in the phrase “Create a new Yarn” which appears under the blank Yarn box.  This will take you to a separate window where you may add the yarn used in your project, including a picture and a manufacturer’s name (this is also an auto fill blank) and click on Save to return to your project.  You may add as many yarns as needed to complete the project.  Once the yarn is in the database, you may go back later and add it to your stash by finding the yarn and clicking on the “Add to stash” button.

NOTE about Manufacturer

If the Manufacturer for Yarn or Loom is NOT in the database, you must exit the Yarn window.  You may choose to continue entering your Project and go back later to enter the Yarn and/or Loom or you can Save the Project as is and select Yarns from the black bar and enter your yarn in the database including the new Manufacturer.  Once we have built up a database of Manufacturers, Yarns and Looms this will no longer be necessary.



The name of the Loom refers to the loom name, not the manufacturer.  For instance, if you own a Kromski Harp you would enter Harp in this field, not Kromski.  This is an auto fill field, if the loom you enter is in the database, a list will appear as you begin to type the name in the field.  

If the name does NOT appear, delete what you have entered, and click on Loom under the name field.  A new window will open and you can add the details for your loom in that window.  The same rules apply for Manufacturer in Looms as for Yarns (see above).  As for Yarns, once you have completed entering your Loom, click on Save and you will be returned to your project. 

NUMBER OF SHAFTS and TREADLES are the only required fields on this page along with the TITLE.  You may choose to enter 0 in both fields for a frame, backstrap, card or other type of loom that does not have shafts and/or treadles.  Once you have entered data in this field, you may save the Project and return to it later and edit the remaining information.


You may choose ends per inch or ends per centimeter.

Length on Loom, Width on Loom, Finished length, Finished width are all optional fields and you can choose the type of measurement from the drop down menu that appears next to the number and looks like this:



Please add any information about your project that you would like to share with other hand weavers on Weavolution.  You may also want to use this space for notes about the project that you want to preserve.


Please add tags to your project to enable others to use the search function to locate projects like yours.  

Be certain to click on Save when you finish.