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Its use this thread for general discussion ! What did you accomplish today? Did you have an Ahah ! moment?


Posted on Sat, 10/12/2013 - 11:19

I have been spinning nearly everyday. I started with some dyed in the wool romney which had not been carded. I used my drum carder to card it, but now have about half as much. About half the fibres ended up in the drum carder. Can I card what was cleaned out of the drums?

While I was carding the Romney , I ordered some Shetland. I have mainly been spinning the Shetland. I think I've Spun about 33 grams so far!

I hope others will join me in this Challenge !



Posted on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 07:50

This week has been a bit hectic. It was Homecoming week at my school. So I was too tired to spin this week! Hopefully after I go to the games today, I'll be reenergized and back at my spindle!

I have been planning a Fibre to Fleece weekend workshop woth some friends, so I'm excited about keeping up with my spinning, dying, and weaving beyond Halloweave!

Posted on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 11:57

with my spindle tomorrow - with the dogs in the kennel I should be able to get out the wool and spin without four footed helpers. I am excited to try spinning again - after four days straight of weaving a little spinning will be a nice change!


Posted on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 14:18

Well I was reenergized after the games, but so far energy has been spent weaving. I'll probably break out the spindle after TJ goes to bed.

Posted on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 15:48

I have been spinning some every day.  I want to see if the 3 oz. of roving I have will fill my spindle!

Today someone is giving me a Navajo spindle, also, and I will learn about natural dyes.

Posted on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 17:28

I'm very intersted in how full your spindle is after 3 oz. Look forward to hearing what you lesrn about natural dyes. We should have Oliver's workshop biult jn a few months, after which I will have a whole kitchen dedicated to dying! ;)

Posted on Sun, 10/20/2013 - 03:43

Natural dyes look fun and easy! I think we will go collect chamisa flowers tomorrow,  for a pretty yellow dye. It rained a lot here in September,  and a lot of the plants are blooming again.

My spindle is homemade, and the business end is probably 15 inches long. The cop will be big, but I think all 3 ounces will fit.  :)

Posted on Tue, 10/22/2013 - 01:18

got out the spindle and spun a bit. Not much but got the feel of the spindle back. I was having some issues joining new pieces roving as I reached the end of one piece and needed to add more. But I think I got that issue fixed - at least for the moment. I went out to my LYS and talked to the person I took intro to drop spindle from and she helped me with my questions. Did that make any sense? I really need to spin more!.


Posted on Tue, 10/22/2013 - 15:57

Definitely makes sense Endorph!

I managed to fill my spindle again last night. It seems to hold 30-40 yards! I filled it in an hour last night. I'll post pics soon.

I can't spin until TJ goes to sleep because he wants to spin! :)

Posted on Sat, 10/26/2013 - 23:29

the result of my first attempts - Amazing that I remembered what I did from my intro class back in August. Am going to try and spin some more tomorrow.


Posted on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 13:35

it is a Shetland blend of some sort - not really sure - let's face it I can't remember what I was told! :) IT spins very nicely and feels wonderful


Posted on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 15:00

No worries. It looks very nice. I look forward to seeing my spinning teacher in a few weeks time. Plus, I will be going to Handweavers soon, where I'll probably be picking out a pretty spindle! I'm reading Abby Franqemount's Respect the Spindle and quite like the idea of always having a spindle and fibre with me! 

Posted on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 00:22

now spinning some blue face Leicester that I will ply with my Shetland. I am really enjoying working with my spindle. Slowly getting better at drafting - I even have some fairly long lengths of consistent size yarn. I keep telling myself that people pay big bucks for this "art" yarn! Some day I will be able to spin a consistent sized yarn! After much pratice. I am trying to spin a few minutes each evening. 


Posted on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 15:55

Here's a note of encourgement from my experience. 

(Shhhh! We can call it the weaver's secret.)

First, if you ply two together, the inconsistencies will minimize considerably.

Then, if you weave with the yarn (instead of knit with it), the interlacement also masks the inconsistencies. Vary the skeins while winding the warp and by the time it is all woven, it looks great! Do the same with the weft, try weaving with two shuttles even if the fiber is the same.

It's amazing!

Posted on Fri, 11/01/2013 - 00:42

more spinning at lunch today and a bit after dinner. Then it was sit at the loom and weave for a bit - now time to soak in the tub then its more spinning! Happy Halloween everyone!