Post your Dares here!

I am daring myself to at least spin everyday. I hope to also do some carding, and possibly dying my own hand spun yarn this month!


Posted on Tue, 10/08/2013 - 14:16

I'm planning to weave an apron.   This doesn't sound like much of a dare,  until you understand how I'm planning this.   I'm going to warp and weave the whole thing all at once. 

So, on the left I'm going to warp the apron ties, and warp the skirt on the right.   I'm going to weave the first tie, without the skirt threads attached to the cloth beam.   Then I'll attache the skirt threads (via a rod and lashes) and weave the skirt and waist-band together, weaving in gathers in the skirt by weaving more length in the skirt as I weave less length in the waist-band.   Finally, I'm going to tie off the skirt warp, and finish weaving the other tie.   So, when I take it all of the loom, I'll have the whole apron,  all in one piece. The only finish work will be a turned edge at each side of the apron skirt, and the ends of the ties.  I will be weaving in a slit to be able to turn / hem the sides.

This is requiring some loom mods, which I'm making right now.  If this sounds impossible, it isn't.   It's how I weave my sculptural head pieces that you can see here:

Why am I doing this?    To see if I can.