WIF 'n Proof Version 2.7 - New iOS, New Look

I have just released WIF 'n Proof v2.7 for iOS7, Chrome and Android.  iOS7 is all about a clean, minimalist look, and WIF 'n Proof also has a new look.

When you next start WIF 'n Proof from your home screen icon or bookmark, you will see the normal "Updating - Please wait …" message box.  It may be followed by a cryptic "Obsolete" message.  Don't be alarmed.

Just close WIF 'n Proof and then start again from the home screen icon or bookmark.  You will again see the "Updating - Please wait" message box, and then WIF 'n Proof will restart as usual.

If the update stalls, please re-boot your device.

A few of the new features include:

  • A new 'Full Screen' button for Chrome on Android.
  • Chrome on Android is now fully supported.
  • Email will now be sent directly within the app.
  • Improved informational messages

iOS7 has a few bugs in it that affect WIF 'n Proof:  

  • When you tap on a field for text entry (such as your 'Cloud' username), the keyboard comes up, but the wrong field may be selected.  So before typing, double check which field has focus.
  • When you tap on the Help window to close it or on the green check in the Number Pad, it closes so fast that your finger may still be on the screen.  The form below may interpret that as a tap on the screen.

A new User's Guide is also posted to the website.  You can download it at http://sandozsoftware.com/WnP/Files/WIFnProof_User_Guide.pdf 




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