New Update Correcting Screen Response Issues


Some users have reported a new issue with sluggish screen response.  This problem was a little difficult to track down since it did not occur on all devices, but seemed to be most prevelent on iOS 6.

I have just released an update (Version 2.5, build 4) that corrects this issue.  This update includes the Demo apps, and I have also updated the documentation.  A new copy of the Manual is available here.  I am pleased to report that on my iPhone 4S the screen response is instant.  

Updates are automatic, just start WIF 'n Proof (or the Demo program) while connected to the internet.  You will see a gray box with the words "Update loading - Please wait".  When it is complete, WIF 'n Proof will restart.    

If you do continue to experience sluggish response, please let me know at [email protected].  Please include the device and operating system you use.