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Weavo Marketing team (private/unlisted)

The Marketing team (the heart of the matter) will work on ways to increase the action on Weavolution, design a strategy for advertising our classes, promote the site to other businesses and develop ways to encourage and implement Weavo Meetups around the world. 

 The leader of this team is Sally Orgren.  


Criteria for the Weavolution Marketing Team:

  • -Have good writing and interpersonal skills
  • -Are confident, self-starting, and demonstrate the ability to follow through on tasks.
  • -Willing to meet face-to-face with fellow members.
  • -Able to dedicate a few hours weekly to team tasks, and commit for a 6 month term.
  • We are also seeking volunteers who...
  • -Are active weavers (at any skill level)
  • -Participate frequently in a local guild, and/or at the regional and national venues
  • -Can be a little crazy, and like to have some fun!

Volunteers will be ambassadors for Weavolution, and may be called upon in a variety of ways to communicate with different audiences about the benefits of our online weaving community. Networking within the traditional weaving community will be just as important as online initiatives. Volunteers may be requested to host meet-ups, demonstrations, and presentations. The team will be working on innovative ways to promote and grow Weavolution, in tandem with the efforts of the technical and administrative teams.In addition, you will need to have the following:

  • Access to your own (not a public) computer either a Mac or PC
  • High speed internet access (DSL or broadband, not dial-up)
  • Microphone and speakers or a computer headset
  • Webcam is useful but optional
  • It may be necessary to install additional software (webex, skype open office) on your computer
  • Sufficient RAM and video card memory for web conferencing.  We will help test your equipment.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • A Weavolution user logon



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