Weaving wire on a RH loom class

HI all.... I just joined this group and am going to jump right in. That Weave-zine article lead to teaching a class on weaving with wire. I've taught landscape design and knitting but never weaving-- I've only been on the student end of that relationship!  This will be a 7 hour class and I imagine we'll break a bit for lunch. Students are supposed to be comfortable weaving on an RH loom.  I wonder if I could get a little advice on a few things:

What's  the right balance of talking/demoing and hands on weaving?  I'm thinking about half hour demo/lecture bits with an hour of weaving time in between.  We'd end up with about 3 hours of weaving and a half hour of figuring out warps, designs and so forth.  About an hour for introductions and class overview and then a half hour each of talk on warping, weaving and finishing.

Do you think it's better to go over  a lot at first or to get warping and weaving right away? The way I have it set up now, it'd be a little over an hour before students get their hands on the wire.

Do you think I should I bring my loom and warp it there so they can see the process or bring it warped so there's something to demo on? I can always demo warping on a student's loom, but have sort of mixed feelings about that when it happens to me.

Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!!    



Posted on Sun, 10/04/2009 - 03:09

So glad to hear it went off well. I suppose you learned a lot from it yourself. Were your instincts on track? Hope you get a lot more gigs in the future.


Posted on Sat, 11/07/2009 - 03:27

Well, it went well. We all had fun. I wish I had had a more realistic idea of how experienced the students were-- I overestimated what they knew.  OTOH they were all very eager to get going.   But I would have started with  plain weave (we were doing basketweave) and then built up to it more.  And I think probably I'll spend more time on some basics next time.  marie