New at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota: Weekend Workshops

Brought to you by the instructors of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, these workshops are designed for out-of-town weavers, spinners, and fiber artists.

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Introduction to Rep Weave.  Design and weave a table runner.  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October 16, 17 & 18: 10am-5pm.  Instructors: Donna Hanson & Lou French

Introduction to Ply Split Braiding.  Make cords into braids.  Saturday, December 5: 10am-4pm.  Instructor: Dianne Stiff.

Ply Split Braiding - Beyond Key Rings.  Make project of your choice using cords.  Sunday, December 6: 10am-4pm.  Instructor: Dianne Stiff.

Finnish Runner / Rag Rug Techniques. Design a striped runner using the alternating 3-shuttle technique.  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Septembre 25, 26, 27: 9am-4pm.  Instructor Wynne Mattila

Novelty Yarn: Slubby Cable Yarn. Learn several spinning techniques for making slubby cable yarn.  Saturday, November 21: 10am-3pm.  Instructor Nancy Preckshot

Spinning Seminar. Bring your fibers, yarns, or equipment for a great day of demonstrations and individual attention.  Sunday, November 22: 12pm-4pm.  Instructor: Nancy Preckshot.

Photoshop Tools for Woven Pixel. Create a basic design on Photoshop and then import it into weaving software.  Saturday & Sunday, September 19& 20: 10am-3pm.  Instructor: Steven Bye & Sue Farley