Explore Fibers beyond cotton & wool with Heather Winslow

Textile artist & weaver Heather Winslow is coming to the Weavers Guild of Minnesota to lead the workshop "New Millenium Fibers" April 20-22. Registration deadline is March 5.

What on earth is Lyocell?  Why would anyone combine cotton, silk, or merino wool with stainless steel into a yarn?  Aren’t pineapples and soy beans for eating and bamboo for building?  What does a combination of silk and ramie feel like?  How does one deal with lycra?  What is seacell and how do you use crepe yarns?  Learn the answers to all these questions and more during this fun filled workshop using new millennium fibres.  Each person will receive a warp and set up a loom with a different yarn and structure, and then weave samples on all the other looms.  Just imagine what a unique project you can then weave once you get home. Prerequisite: Students must be able to warp a loom and read a draft independently. Materials Fee: $48 [includes handouts, pre-wound warps and weft]

Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 20, 21 & 22:  9am – 4pm
Tuition: $357/$297 Members (Registration Deadline: March 5) | Level: Advanced Beginning to Intermediate

Register with the Weavers Guild of Minnesota 612-436-0463