A Wool Gathering

We finished one day at the wool gathering. Friday, Peg and spouse, Ellen and spouse, Diana, Bonnie, Christina and I set up.  We have 3 separate dispalys in spinning-with drop spindle, hand-spun yarn and a few things made from handspun and a charkha and some info about spinning in the Independence Movement in India.  Then one about the Guild and one about the bookmarks.

The weather was warm, dry and breezy. Lois, Peg and Diana  were there all day demonstrating.  Diana and Lois spin.  Peg had her Baby Wolf warped with pooled hand-spun.  Peg had woven and taken off the loom one of the 3 shawls.  She said that she had 23 hours in it  from spinning to finishing.  They cut the other 2 off the loom before we came home.  They are lovely.

Sandy was there with her inkle loom in the morning.  Bonnie, Rena and Dianne (not sure of the spelling of this newish member) all helped with the questions.  There seemed to be a lot of interest this year.

The bookmark sales were about $250 today, about twice the sales we did during the whole festival last year.