Our meeting on Tue. is about Linen, spinning it.  I have been reading a lot about linen lately because it is being touted as a sustainable and eco-sound fiber.  Here is a web site, Masters of Linen, about current linen production and here is a movie with English sub-titles, a litttle small.

European linen has a worldwide reputation of excellence. Masters of Linen is keen on sharing the benefits of this privileged position by offering a range of services to help both professionals and consumers.

Natural and ecological

Flax is a rotative and renewable crop which requires very little input in the way of pesticides or fertilizers. Thanks to the expertise of European industrialsts, the process of flax and linen is environmentally friendly. It does not produce waste, only by-products such as paper pulp, linseed oil, shive, etc..


Thanks to new finishes, easy-care treatments, notably the latest crease-recovery ones, garments made of Masters of Linen fabric remain elegant in the city or travelling, and are easily ironed.They will retain its original properties, measured by strict criteria: dimensional stability (no shrinkage), strength, colour fastness.. They won't loose their shape, won't pill and the more they are washed, the softer linen becomes.

Healthy and beneficial

Linen is thermo-regulating (insulating in wintertime, cool and breathable in summertime), non-allergenic and anti-bacterial and thus especially recommended for sensitive skin. The careful transformation and finishing processes are resulting in products which induce a feeling of pleasure and well being.


European linen is proceeding from the savoir-faire of generations. It inherited a unique elegance while adapting itself to evolving fashions and lifestyles. More than ever, it gives shape to designer innovations and fulfills consumer requirements. Whether as pure linen or in blends, it always combines quality with loyalty and creativity..

The Masters of Linen collective brand, a true hallmark of origin and quality, identifies European linen all along its process : raw material, yarn and fabric.


If you would like to see a Life Cycle Assessment of a linen shirt, go to this page  and look for '"Press kit and the linen shirt eco-profile" in the list  towards the bottom of the page.