Embroidery Exhibit in Yellow Springs, Ohio

We are currently blessed with an unusual embroidery exhibit, "Stitch, Gasp" on display at the gallery "Would You, Could You in a Frame" on Corry Street in Yellow Springs across from the Post Office. 

Corinne Bayraktaroglu, a Yellow Springs resident, born and educated in Great Britian has filled the walls with a great variety of embroideries.  Here are a few I snapped with my cell phone:

In case you are not sure how these are made here is a detail of this piece:

No lace was used in this piece, just embroidery.

This is a mixed media piece but the added object are bones not sunglasses.

Her stetchbook is present so you can see the development of an idea from stetch to finished project.  A rare treat!  You can see more  and better photos here, but in preson they are quite astouding.

The gallery owner is currently dealing with a injured partner and a dyeing mother so gallery hours have been irregular but they are normally 11-6 Tue-Sat.  You could call 767-2962  to see if things have calmed down and the gallery is open, and the display has been extended for at least another week.