Hello from Georgetown OH

Hi, I live in Georgetown Ohio, down in the southern part of the state about 45 miles east of Cincinnati.

I am a newbie weaver--I have eight looms (yikes!): 1 Union #36 floor loom, 1 Glimakra Pysslingen (pre-dating the Victoria) four-harness table loom, 1 LeClerc Bergere rigid heddle loom, 1 Glimakra Emilia rigid heddle loom, 1 Anders Lervad rigid heddle loom, 2 reproduction tape looms, and 1 floor inkle loom I am going to end up selling, I think. Oh, and one project loom, too, a small table loom that I found at an antique show. So nine. *whimper*

Luckily I live in a big house.

I also write rural fantasy novels, garden, bake bread, and crochet, among other things. And I live with five cats, one kitten, and an English Bulldog.