Here are references to  many of the books that I find useful, there are many many others. If you come across a book you find useful, please add the information in the comments!

Dixon, Ann. A Handweavers Pattern Book.

Chandler, Deborah. Learning to Weave.

Osterkemp, Peggy. "Weaving for Beginners: An Illustrated Guide."

Phillips, Janet. Designing Woven Fabrics.

Porter-Davison, Marguerite. A Handweavers Pattern Book. (yes this is the same name as the Ann Dixon book.)

Porter-Davison, Marguerite. A Handweaver Pattern Directory.

Interweave Press. Twills Thrills.


Posted on Sun, 10/01/2017 - 17:45

I personally find the Chandler has been superceded by better, newer books.
For countermarche or counterbalance looms, I recommend Laila Lundell's "Big Book of Weaving".
For rising shed (jack) looms, I recommend Anne Field's "Learn to Weave".
Both titles contain a complete weaving course with calculations, drafting, projects, tips, etc.

Posted on Wed, 10/04/2017 - 20:00

For begirs who might find it vey useful to follow a pattern, the Swedish books have very nice patterns.  One of the recent ones, Simple Weaves was printed in English.

And now, there is a new one, Tuskaft, which means plain weave, whiich will come out in English next summer, 2018.  It is easy for a beginner to skip over plain weave, but this book has so many interesting fabrics and projects and I think is a very good book even for more advanced weavers.