Time to get going!

 OK, I'm ready for a new WAL. Who wants to join me? What shall we do? I'm open to ideas and suggestions. Let's get things started. It's a new year, my looms are aching for something new and interesting.

Ideas? Thoughts? Who's taking the helm? Someone, be brave, stand up and say "Me".

Claudia (please don't make me tell you why I can't lead this one)


Posted on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 01:26

OK! how about Rosepath? This can be done on various levels on many different looms, from the pvc ones ( Kristin has just done a project on a similar draft, and turned it into a striking lace scarf! ), the RH loom, the backstrap ( which will probably have a nice convenient short cut for doing it, hehe) through to the multi-shaft looms. It should not be too hard to do, Kristin has proved that, and Laura Fry has given us the basics on Weavezine:


Its a very versatile pattern, with a lot of scope for us to be adventurous, or as staid as we want to be.

We would need someone to act as WAL-mum; I'm waiting to go into hospital, so its not my time to do that particular duty, but with the number of books covering the subject, as well as internet resources, this should be pretty straightforward, with the participants able to help one another.

I'm about to do it anyway on my 4 shaft loom, so anyone want to share the experience?

Posted on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 02:24

That works for me. I love rosepath and am just about done with the last bread cloth on my 4s loom. I want to do placemats for the house and already have wound a good length warp.  I have to go back to my notes and see what I was planning for that warp, just to be certain I have the length I need. I'm sure I planned a twill of some sort, that's why I wound it for the 4s.

As for being the guide on this one, I'm hard pressed to be the one.  Maybe someone else will step forward soon.


Posted on Fri, 01/08/2010 - 13:13

I have permission from Laura Fry and Syne Mitchell to use the draft and to cite the article in Weavezine for people to try the rosepath patterns that Laura wrote about. We're going to coordinate the start of the WAL and I will probably put it in a new thread so everyone can find it.  I am probably going to move to my floor loom for this since my RH is tied up , literally, with a transparency.  Plus, I'm not willing to start experimenting with 3 heddles and string heddles to weave a 4 shaft pattern on the RH. I know, I'm being a wus.

I'll be in touch about the start when Syne gives me the go ahead sign.

Claudia, coordinating a new WAL