Warp (or weft) problem




I don’t know if I have a warp problem or a weft
problem!  I am an experienced tapestry
weaver…working mostly in wool.  However,
I decided  I wanted to weave some table
runners/placemats so I warped the loom with a fairly thin, but very strong
nylon warp, 15 epi. Originally I wanted to use the same thread  for the weft, but found it did not cover the
warp.  I then tried every thing I had
around, mercerized cotton, rayon, cotton/rayon. 
Nothing covers because the warp is too slippery.  Does anyone know if any material that might
work?  I live in Mexico so am limited for shopping here, but will
be flying back to the US
this week and would like to find something while I am there.



Posted on Mon, 09/10/2012 - 15:20

I am not sure what you mean by the weft not covering the warp, but my first thought is that 15 epi might be too loose a sett for a "fairly thin" warp.