My name is Louiseinoz ...

My name is Louiseinoz and here are my UFOs (and their box)

From left to right:

2 crammed and spaced scarves from the weaving course I did in 2005, it's where I learned that loosly spun, almost roving type yarns don't work well as warps.  I wonderered why my teacher smiled when I said I had enough warp for 2 scarves - they just need to be wet finished

Overshot throw from June this year, needs the fringe finished and to be wet finished

Pale blue hand towel from 2008, needs to be hem stitched on one end, the other is already done, and matching piece that I planned to make into cards

7 meters of multicoloured blue/green/purple 24 shaft advancing twill from a workshop in Canberra in January this year.  When I got back from Canberra, life suddenly became very complicated and I was a bit concerned that if I tried to wet finish this it too could go wrong and perhaps disappear in the washing machine.  I need to wet finish it and design and make a co-ordinating contrast fabric, then make it into a jacket

Cotton twill scarf from early this year, just needs to be fringed and wet finished

Cotton and chenille warp faced plain weave - I think I was going to make a bag from this one

Bruce tartan scarf from 2010 - just needs to have the fringe finished and to be wet finished

Double weave tencel scarf with double weave shuttle hanger using the end of the warp from 2007, has quite a few skips which need to be mended and then fringing on the scarf and a little sewing on the shuttle hanger

Pique fabric from 2009, was planning to make a cushion cover from it but perhaps it could be something else


As well as the UFOs, I found quite a few FOs including 12 assorted towels and tea towels, about 18 scarves and sundry household linens, I think they should have their own box

I'm going to try to find 30 minutes each day just to work on these and see how much progress I can make over the next month


Posted on Sat, 09/29/2012 - 13:57

I am not feeling nearly so bad about my UFO's now. . . :) I ahve some towels that need hemming, three wall hangings that need some sort of finishing on their fringe and hangers attached and a sprang bag that has been languishing for months on its frame - hmmmm maybe I need to join Franco's group too?  With your challenge to find 30 minutes every day to work on your UFO's you could also join our Arachnid group! My mantra for the month is "no more procrastination"              Tina


Posted on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:27

and I have UFO's. My UFO's include a sample for my Certificate of achievement, that needs hemming and finishing and my project from Halloweave 2011. I got as far as warping it, now I just need to weave and finish it! ;)

Posted on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 15:55

and my UFO's are all sewing related - I just do not like to sew!

I have a set of rep-weave place mats that I wove from a profile draft that my small, local weaving group is playing with.  I did hem 2 for "show and tell", but the rest are just sitting by the sewing machine.

I have 8-shaft towels that are the first project off of my new-to-me Cranbrook that also need to be hemmed.

Then there are 2 tote bags that I use the plastic bags that my newspapers come in for the weft that have to be assembled - more sewing!

There is tote bag fabric woven in 5/2 wet-spun hemp woven in twill that I wove, oh probably 7 years ago waiting to be made into a bag.  I have a strap that was the first project off my floor inkle loom that I will use on the tote bag - that is what is so wonderful about the floor inkle, I can make a long enough strap that I do not have to splice it together for tote bags.  I have the commercial fabric all washed and ironed for the bag as well.

Then there is some lovely fabric woven in 8-shaft twill blocks from a kit from Lunatic Fringe.  It was supposed to be a towel kit, but the fabric was so nice that I wove it wider to make a shirt....more sewing!

When I started reading about others having UFO's laying around, it fired me up enough to start working on a jacket that is woven in broken twill in rayon/linen/cotton blend.  I used a warping paddle for the first time with this fabric, so its is in stripes with 9 different colors.  I started working on it last week, actually got the nerve to cut into the fabric, stay-stitched all the pieces, and assembled it.  Then I started working on the liner that is made from commerical quilted fabric.  I purchased the pattern according to my body measurements, not the size, and it is GIANT!  You could fit two of me into it, I am so disappointed right now, I just am not sure of how to proceed from this point.  Here is a picture of where the jacket is at now.

Posted on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 15:05

The poor thing is in pieces, in varying stages of refinishing.  Paint removed from harnesses, but they need to be rust-remediated and repainted.  Bronze lamms all cleaned and polished, but other metal parts--especially iron--in varying stages of being stripped of old finishes and redone.  Some wood stripped of lacquer, awaiting a series of layers of rubbed shellac (french polish), to be completed with Renaissance wax, which is fine and very hard.  Then reassembly, paraffining channels requiring lubrication, finding a less inelegant and messy way to protect the bronze/steel contacts than gobs of petro jelly, and someday, actually warping the thing and weaving. 

If I could get to Halloween with all of something--the wood, the metal stripping, the repainting--done, I'd feel I actually met the challenge, even though the poor loom would still be dismembered.  Which is in keeping with the holiday, at least. ;-\