Traveling with a Jane 40 loom?

Has anyone traveled on a plane with a Jane 40 loom before? Has anyone had luck carrying on this model? Or any other travel loom bigger than lap size? My current suitcase is not big enough to fit the Jane loom, but I'd really like to travel with it to get some sampling done over my few days off. I don't have the official Jane bag, any tips on how to do this I need it! 

Sorry if this is in the wrong group/forum, I'm having a heck of a time navigating this site. 



Posted on Sat, 12/24/2016 - 13:39

I did brave up and do just that recently. I put Jane (fully warped) in the bag made by Louet for Jane, but I also added some stiff cardboard and bubble wrap around exposed areas, such as the handles on the warp and cloth beams.  The damage showed some dirt and a couple of small holes (that didn't go through), but thankfully no damage to the loom.  

I tried to find a hard case, but found nothing that wouldn't have exceeded the maximum dimensions for checked baggage without having to pay the oversized bag fee.

Here's a blog post I did on traveling with her: