Child's Chilkat Blanket Photos - Help

Hello Travelers!

The You Tube video on how to upload photos refused to cooperate with my computer.  I am wondering if someone with a "modern" computer would be willing to upload the photos if I transmit them to you via e mail?  First however I must have permission from James to post them to a public website.  He travels in his tribal work, therefore has not replied yet.  I can imagine he might be wary of public exposure of these treasures.  I owe him great respect in view of his gracious sharing.





Posted on Fri, 03/07/2014 - 04:58

My Vav just arrived and once again I am vicariously on my way to weaving schools, exhibitions, weavers studios, mills, and joining other weavers on group tours.  Are any of you actually traveling abroad for weaving immersion this year?  If so, share with us please.