Any Weavers in Granada, Nicaragua?

I will be possibly traveling to Nicaragua in the near future.  Private message me, if you are located in Nicaragua.  Thanks.



Posted on Tue, 01/28/2014 - 19:39


Your questions lead me to ask all in the group the following: As we know, handweaving is a world-wide art/craft which offers all of us weavers a wealth of exposure to other cultures and learning opportunities. However, many weavers have limited resources for travel and study abroad. Because lodging is costly, would you (each group member) consider hosting other weavers, either with your presence, or by house swaps? If so, what would be your requirements and expectations from the perspective as a host, and from the perspective as a guest?

Here is my personal answer; please tell us of yours:

Though life's circumstances do not allow me to travel or host other weavers at this time, I would have the following expections when life allows:

I would love to be a Host Weaver and be their Guest Weaver in exchange. The exchange factor is important to me. I can imagine helping each other with weaving and fiber preparation, maybe even with sales at artisan fairs. I can imagine each of us allowing use of our equipment - either in the owner's presence or while away from home.

My expectations would be based in honesty, trust, a sharing attitude, reasonable concern for health and sanitation matters, respect for property and equipment, abiding by prevailing laws of the community beyond the home, and cost sharing related to meals and utilities during any long-term stay. Renting is not part of my picture; lodging exchange is.


I would only be able to accommodate one pet-free individual or couple.

I would not charge rent or lodging, though I would want a "weaver's guest credit" from the Guest Weaver which would allow me to similarly be their guest at some time in the future. Disparity of living environment would not be part of the exchange factor, as long as it is sanitary, as I know we weavers come from a very wide range of economic conditions and lifestyles.

If a home exchange is involved: A background check would be required several months in advance of the scheduled occupancy, paid for by the guest weaver from a mutually agreed third party, as is typical when renting a place to live.

As I am on a very limited income, my Guest Weaver would need to be self-supporting as regards his/her travel, necessities of life including their share of food costs consumed in my home, weaving related expenses.

I will not lend money.

My Guest Weaver would need to be legally and financially responsible for any damages I or they would suffer as the result of their presence on my premises.

My vehicle is not reliable, therefore I would not allow its use.


My length of stay could be several days to the duration of a guest visa. I would likely come alone though might have or need a companion, maybe a companion-weaver.

I would want some references from other, prior guests of the weaver to ensure I am not getting into an unsafe or unhealthy situation. Those references would need to be bona-fide weavers known to us (I suggest we establish a clearing house kind of system - maybe through one of our weaving guilds or one of our internationally known suppliers.)

My housing needs would be limited to a place to sleep and the ability to prepare my own meals with existing cooking equipment and dinnerware, similar to a travel trailer in size. Or the ability to share meals and the cost of the food with the Host Weaver.

I would not bring weaving equipment, though I would bring my own yarn for my own projects if we decided I would use your equipment.

I would expect to do my share of housework (clean up after myself).

I would provide my own transportation - use public transportation or rent a vehicle.

I would not expect my host to "entertain" me though I would like to learn about their weaving and equipment, the weaving and weavers of their region, and perhaps join them on trips to weaving venues and museums (paying my own way and fees).

If my Host Weaver wanted my weaving or fiber processing help in some way I am capable of providing, I would be pleased to contribute it.

Those are off the top of my head at the moment. How about you?