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Draft Krokbragd (turned) squares ladykat 12/05/2012
Group Post The "Pig Cage" Loom, Jacquard weaving without the clutter Chasinmendo 11 Bay Area Weavers & Spinners, Small Loom Weaving, Tapestry Weavers, Loom repair, maintenance, renovation, DIY Looms and Tools, Inkle and Tablet weaving, Dobby looms, Home Built Equipment, Weaving to Sell, Textile Terminology, Ethnic Styles and Textures 12/05/2012
Group Post Anyone know anything about Bernat Looms elizaboo 10 New for us (but old) loom and tips about rennovations 12/05/2012
Group Post LeClerc Nilus with no treadles toegarb 4 New for us (but old) loom and tips about rennovations 12/05/2012
Group Post Structo table loom repair for sticking levers summore65 6 Structo Central 12/05/2012
Project Scarf mokeydokes 3 12/05/2012
Forum post Lost cross twoquinns 11 12/05/2012
Group Post monks belt on inkle loom spring k Weaving 101 12/06/2012
Project Becky's scarf JWH 12/06/2012
Forum post Loom ID, please! GingersMom 3 12/06/2012
Group Post Making Reeds ReedGuy 17 Home Built Equipment 12/06/2012
Group Post Moving right along... Claudia Segal 9 Daily Weaverliness 12/06/2012
Forum post Would like help with identifying treddling sequence? makaz 31 12/07/2012
Group Post second warp beam and back beam Milepost 4 Macomber Looms 12/07/2012
Forum post Pantone 2013 Color of the Year francorios 12/07/2012
Forum post How to join rug sections? karentiede 1 12/07/2012
Project Henna Long Scarf Jan Russell 6 12/07/2012
Project Krokbragd (turned) first attempt ladykat 1 12/07/2012
Project Sunset miryam-chavah 12 12/07/2012
Forum post Countermarch Debacle GearRat 27 12/08/2012
Project October Tapestry Diary Safari Patterns 2012 Cathie Beckman 4 12/08/2012
Project The Rose Tapestry JacQueline Keller 27 12/08/2012
Project Handwoven fabric used for assorted critters tommye scanlin 4 12/08/2012
Forum post Raffia Placemats Frances G. 12/08/2012
Project Towels based on SallyE's draft endorph 9 12/08/2012