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That's a good idea - helpful hints, tips and good ideas for weavers

Last Sunday I had one of those flashes of inspiration when I knew I'd come up with a good idea that would make weaving easier.  I put it on the Improving Weavolution Forum and asked if there was already somewhere to collect good ideas.  There wasn't but Claudia suggested that I start a new group to collect helpful hints and tips that make weaving easier

So here it is!

All the usual rules apply - be polite, if the idea isn't original but a good idea all the same, acknowledge the original source.  The rules are all listed on the main help page.

Here's my good idea to start things off:

I was about to weave some stitched double cloth for cushions on a new pre-loved 8 shaft table loom.  Of course lots of ends on shafts 1 and 2 so I needed to move some heddles around.  After working out how to get the heddle bars off - they just spring out - I needed somewhere to put the bars while I put the new heddles on.

The first thing I spied was the ironing board, just perfect.  Wider than my 8 1/2 inch heddles, and wide enough to cope with heddles up to about 11 inches.  I had the ends of the heddle bars hanging over the tapered end of the board so it was really easy to put the extra heddles on. It only works for looms where the heddle bars are easliy removed and I wouldn't need to change heddles this way on my countermarche loom because the heddle bars are well supported there

This may  have been suggested elsewhere but I don't think I've ever seen it before.  In any case if a weaver rediscovers a helpful hint that's already out there, it could remind the rest of us who may have read it years ago but have forgotten about it

Start thinking - I'm sure that between us we can come up with a lot of great ideas