Question About Warping

Hi everyone, I have a Glimakra gobelin tapestry loom and I have been having trouble finding info on warping it. I'm a beginner at tApestry weaving so any help would be great!

Thanks in advance,



Posted on Sun, 01/11/2015 - 20:34

Try the Glimakra help thread.  I bet they can help.  I would venture to guess that you create a chained warp as on any other loom, beam & thread it, but I think the things on top are a raddle, so there may be a loom-specific method that is better.

Posted on Sun, 04/28/2019 - 22:09

Hi folks...I recently bought a Glimakra Kristina high warp tapestry loom from a n estate sale in San Antonio, but I have never woven anything before and live near Austn Tx. Can anyone point me to an instructor or club of anyone in the Austin area that can help me get started on this project? The loom is no longer manufactured (since the late 1970s I think) and is rather large (stands 78" tall by 102" wide). Obviously, my first projects would be much smaller....but I don't even know how to warp the loom or what sort of tension the warp strings should have.....any suggestions?