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Posted on Tue, 07/09/2013 - 20:52

I am so glad to find this group.....thanks to Erica....I

am a retired missionary trying to find a new 'niche' that might challenge me and give me some way of thanking those who have supported me for some 35 years.

I saw an ad in a "shopper" for a loom, and purchased it...I know nothing (!) about looms, so do not know how to get it in running order, and then learn to use it.  My dream is to make creative hangings. 

I contacted the "Loom Doctor" in MA, who informed me from my pictures that is is likely a Structo, no longer manufacturered.   The seller said all the parts were there, and is was well taken care of though not used for many years.

So, where do I start?   Does an assembly manual exist?   I have pictures that may help identify it more, but this type of thing is also a new world for me.  Is there anyone who can give me some advice?  How do I send pictures?

Ruth @ [email protected]


Posted on Wed, 07/10/2013 - 01:28

and find the group called "all_things_structo." Pdf's of the manuals are posted there.

Not sure which one you have, the small metal one 8" wide (Structo240) or the 20" wide model, lots of wood (called the Structo600).

Posted on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 21:08

I just bought at a consignment shop and have no idea what Im doing. As a stay at home mom I need a hobby and I want to learn to weave so badly. I wish there were videos showing you how to do the whole process!

Posted on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 02:48

I purchased this loom from eBay a few weeks ago, and thought it must be a Leclerc Dorothy - they look so similar.  I've done enough research to learn it is actually a Structo.  I tried to join the Yahoo group, as I read posts in various places from folks who had been able to acquire a copy of the instruction manual there, but have had no success.

I'm looking for someone who can teach me how to operate it, or at least put the pieces together correctly.  I have two round beams with ratchet-type wheels on one side, and I can see they belong fore and aft with the ratchet on the right side as you are facing the loom.  One has a metal bar attached by canvas straps that resembles an apron rod and the other has holes drilled through that I imagine I would run cord through and attach another aprod rod.  I don't know which belongs on the front and which on the back, and I assume I have to remove or at least loosen the corner joints in order to seat the post end into the drilled hole.

The sheds seem to be in good shape as the other frame is painted, but the thin bars the heddles slide on are rusty and I need to clean them or find suitable replacements.  The wire heddles look okay.  The reed, weaving width 20", has 15 slots per inch.  I think will clean up fine with some good brushing and gentle wiping.

I'm so excited about my new (old) baby, and would love any information you would be willing to share with me.

Thank you,



Posted on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:09

You might want to get a copy of Learning to Warp your Loom.  One place to get it is The Woolery.  If you google, you will find it.  It will show you the parts of the loom, planning projects and putting the threads on the loom.  That will be a good start.