Sprang Class - Lambtown USA - Oct 6 Dixon Calif

I am scheduled to present a sprang class at Lambtown USA
Oct 6 2012, Dixon Calif.

We had a "test class" at my Saturday group and I'm confident I can get beginners started with a little sprang bag.

D-2 Sprang – A Twisted Adventure(2 hours)
Franco Rios
Saturday 9 am to 10:50 (pending)

Class description: “Sprang – A Twisted Adventure” is an introduction to the old string craft known as Sprang, which is a technique of interlinking yarns on simple frames to create an elastic fabric. Sprang was commonly used for different kinds of headgear, such as caps, hoods, bonnets, hairnets as well as for stockings, mittens, collars and sashes. Also for bags. Students will be introduced to the technique and shown how the sprang technique is worked on a small frame. At the end of the class student will have the makings for a small sprang bag. Materials for class will be provided. Students do not need to bring anything. All levels of experience are welcome.

Cost: $25
Experience: none .
Materials to bring: none

Class size limited to: 8, Will take walk in students up to the max of 8 students in class

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