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Round Rug frame - Wagon Wheel Rugs

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Earlier this summer, I took a workshop on weaving round rugs.  The technique the instructor used was basically the technique used for making Wagon Wheel rugs.  I liked the technique, but I didn't like the actual frame we used.  I think it was a little too flexible, and I would have liked trying it better on a more rigid frame.  I need my own Wagon Wheel, I guess!

Anyway, it was pretty neat to make a weaving frame out of PVC pipe and to actually weave this.  I don't think I would try it again though unless I could find a more rigid frame.  I couldn't really work with a tension as tight as I would have liked.  Anyone have any ideas for rigid round frames?

 Notice also that I decided to sew a zigzag "overstitch" to secure the weaving in place.  I felt like the weaving I had done would eventually bunch up unless I did something to secure it into position.

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hi Kay, that looks pretty

hi Kay, that looks pretty good to me and would go nicely on my polished floorboards, if you don't want to give it houseroom, hehe! Its difficult to get any idea of scale from the photo, but if you were using cloth strips it would be a bit like weaving with ribbon wouldn't it? And I wouldn't trust that to stay put unless very firmly beaten down or stitched into place.

Have you thought about using a bicycle wheel as a frame? It means you are limited in size, but one of these any bigger would be heavy and unwieldy. Imagine trying to wash it! Also, using rug warp instead of fabric so that it looks less like a quilting piece? Just suggestions; I have never made one of these, just admired them from afar!


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Hexagonal Lily speed-o-weave

Hexagonal Lily speed-o-weave looms will work well for this technique, too!

Great rug!

:) Noreen


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