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Small guilds: surviving in the 21st century

There's nothing like the Internet for learning and sharing information! But for many of us there's also the local guild, a place to meet face to face with other weavers in your area. If you are lucky to live in an area with a thriving guild, you have an opportunity to study, and enjoy and learn from fellow weavers. Yet many small guilds in the US are facing difficult times, for many and varied reasons. This is a group for discussing issues relating to small guilds in the US.

We are faced with many challenges: Finding a place to meet, raising funds, establishing bylaws, incorporating, getting 501c3 status, insurance and liability issues, how and where to teach children and adults, offering workshops, attracting new members. And of course, the aging-out issue.

How can we accomplish  our goals with a limited budget, and members who may be separated by great distances and have busy schedules?

In this group we can raise questions about these issues and share ideas for solutions.